What is it?

Our Motorized Skyglass System is a remote-controlled, motorized, chained, movable handrail glazing system. The system is manufactured with 8 mm – 10 mm tempered glass and offers the maximum heat insulation with its own unique solutions.

Chain Conveyor System

There are double chains in the system. The chain locks chain locks have 8,51 mm -14,75 mm thickness. Each chain can carry up to 400 kg weight and provides a smooth carrying of wide and heavy glass panels.

Maximum Panoramic View

The clearness of the view is maximized by using the minimal design of the vertical and horizontal profiles which can obstruct the panoramic view.

Full Automatic System

Skyglass® uses world renowned Somfy Motor and Remote controller from France.

Hand-safe Profile

Specially designed safety profile for Skyglass to prevent jamming finger / hand in the system

Product Features

Skyglass® is a motorized system that is controlled by a remote controller. The system can be manufactured with 8-10mm tempered glass or heat insulated glass.

Max Width 3.6 m
Max Height 3.6 m

Aluminium Structure
8mm/10mm Tempered Glass

Product Benefits

Extend your living space to the outdoors

The trend in Singapore's housing development has been towards smaller-sized units driven by various factors including land scarcity and rising property prices. With the use of our Skyglass®

Safety of your loved ones

The Skyglass® is able to be retracted and extended. When the Skyglass® is extended, it prevents your child or pet from climbing over the railing.

Tested & Approved by European Norms

Skyglass® system is imported from Europe and it has undergone water, wind and impact testing in accredited institute.

You are in control ! You can manage your system with the supplied Somfy remote control or purchase a Somfy Connexoon and control your blinds remotely via a phone application.

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