What is it?

Smartwindows® presents a completely retractable sliding glass door system without frames. Its ultra-sleek aluminium profile and panels without frames creates a transparent and calming viewing experience, allowing you to relish the landscape right from the coziness of your indoor space.

Fully Retractable Fully Extended

Glass panels can be fully retracted to the sides when homeowners would like fresh air to circulate in their balcony. It can also be extended fully to keep in air-con in the balcony space.

sliding roller wheels

Systems that requires sliding will all need sliding roller wheels for the system. Other systems that does not have sliding wheel will have difficulty sliding after a few months.


Smartwindows® utilizes translucent rain strips affixed along the 2-3mm gap in between the glass panels. This is to achieve better water tightness.

Reduce noise

Smartwindows® is able to effectively cut down noise from the outside, providing a space to relax in.

Frameless System

Upon installation, Smartwindows® boasts a frameless appearance, enhanced by its ultra-slim aluminum profiles that contribute to a stylish and sophisticated aesthetic.

Product Features

Smartwindows® is a manually operated sliding glass door system. The system is using 10mm clear tempered glass.

Max Width 8,00 m
Max Height 3,00 m

Aluminium Structure
10mm Clear Tempered Glass

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