zerro Pergosystem®

zerro Pergosystem®
What is it?

Pergosystem® is the flagship of space plus’s roof system range and the most representative in retractable pergola field in Europe. Pergosystem’s fundamental parts are aluminum and PVC fabric.

Pergosystem® is perfect for large areas which requires shading. The columns and gutter of the system complete the result, making the system not only beautiful but also functional.

Fully Retractable Fully Extended

Zerro Uniq Pergosystem® is able to fully retract to allow sunlight in the space and also able to be fully extended to protect the space from natural elements.

Wall Mounted Self Standing

The Zerro Uniq Pergosystem® is typically installed on walls, but there are situations where a high wall is unavailable for mounting. In such cases, the system can be set up as a self-standing structure.

Rainwater Drainage System

It remains hidden from view, yet it's seam- lessly incorporated within the structure.

During rainfall, the fabric's slope directs water into the gutters and then towards the vertical columns, effectively diverting water away from the openings located at the base of the columns.

LED Lighting

The LED Lighting system, with its sleek and stylish look, completes the usability of the Zerro Uniq Pergosystem®.

Providing sufficient quality lighting and offering the ideal atmosphere in your outdoor area. Available in "yellow-warm" or "white-cool" colour light and also dimming option.

Product Features

Zerro Uniq° Pergosystem® features a retractable PVC fabric which is able to be retracted or extended with a touch of a button.

Max Width 13,00 m
Max Height 6,50 m

Aluminium Structure
Premium PVC Fabric
LED Spot Lighting

Product Benefits

Create An Additional Space For Your Family

Utilizing a pergola is an excellent method for establishing functional areas within your balconies or open spaces. Whether it's hosting guests, unwinding, or even converting the area into a secondary dining spot complete with tables and chairs, a pergola offers versatile possibilities.

Adds Value To Your Home

Beyond providing aesthetics and personality to your residence, a pergola has the potential to enhance your property's worth. Serving as a reasonably cost-effective enhancement, a pergola can be an asset if you ever decide to sell your home in the future.

Offers Shade And Protection To Elements

With our Zerro Uniq Pergosystem®, you can make the most of your outdoor space no matter the weather. When the fabric is extended, it provides protection from rain, wind, and harmful UV rays.

This feature makes it suitable for outdoor entertaining or relaxing, even during light showers or intense sunlight

Easy Operation and Durability

The Zerro Uniq Pergosystem® is built to withstand various wind conditions and offers long-lasting performance. Effortlessly manage the retractable feature with a touch of a remote control button.

You are in control ! You can manage your system with the supplied Somfy remote control or purchase a Somfy Connexoon and control your blinds remotely via a phone application.

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Zerro Pergosystem
Zerro Pergosystem

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