What is it?

Zipsystem® is the most advanced blinds to be designed and imported from Europe. With the extensive array of brands in the market, Zipsystem® distinguishes itself from others with its unparalleled quality as a product from Europe, featuring a patented side spring system and employing top of the line materials such as Somfy Motor, Phifer Fabric from USA, YKK Zipper meant for outdoor zip blinds system.

Patented side spring system

Zipsystem® offers excellent wind resistance and lateral tensioning of the fabric with its patented side spring system so as to prevent the issue of fabric sagging.

The only Zip Blinds in Singapore that comes with certificates

Know what you are buying. We take pride in providing our customers with a certificate of authenticity for the motor and materials used. We firmly believe in transparency and honesty with our customers as some vendors makes false claims of their products/motors origins. We aim to build trust with our clients through genuine and reliable offerings.

Imported from Europe

Through our strong partnership with ALPHA Design & Shadows, we are able to provide European designed and made zip blind solutions to our clients in Singapore.

Somfy Motor & Smart Home Integration

You are in control ! You can manage your system with the supplied Somfy remote control or purchase a Somfy Connexoon and control your blinds remotely via a phone application.

Product Features

Zipsystem® features a more robust and heavy duty structure that is capable of supporting up to 6m width per panel using Somfy Motor From Poland.

Max Width 6,00 m
Max Height 6,00 m

Somfy Motor from France
Phifer Fabric from USA
YKK Zipper

Product Benefits

Extend your living space to the outdoors

The trend in Singapore's housing development has been towards smaller-sized units driven by various factors including land scarcity and rising property prices. With the use of our Zipsystem®, homeowners are able to make use of the under utilized outdoor space.

Sun, UV, Wind and Rain Protection

Zipsystem® uses Phifer Fabric from USA. The fabric blocks up to 97% of harmful UV rays while retaining the view out of your balcony.

No Rattling during strong winds

Zipsystem® uses world renowned YKK zipper. Our fabric is welded to our YKK zipper using a hot impulse welding machine that is imported from Italy. This prevents the system from rattling as well as withstanding the test of time.

Complete customisation

Size, Materials, Colors. You name it, we have it. With our professional and technical measurements, you will not have to worry about

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The only Europe brand Zip blinds in Singapore, Zipsystem

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